Session 1: Command Leadership Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce Leadership essentials.

Session 1a: The Art of Discernment
Identify the abilities and limitations of co-workers.
Identify traits of high-performance leaders.

Session 2: Training Effectiveness
Acquaint participants with a leader’s influence on follower behavior.
Identify the essentials of training.

Session 3: Attentive Listening
Equip participants with techniques to sharpen attentive listening skills.
Increase awareness of the dynamics involved in the planning tasks.

Session 4: Management Compassion
Present methods of balancing compassion with task accomplishment.
Explore fear of leadership and personal rejection.

Session 5: Management Ethics
Study the “follow the leader” role-modeling phenomenon.
Identify characteristics of ethical behavior.

Session 6: The Power of Decisiveness
Explore consensus decisions versus individual decisions.
Increase awareness of group synergy of team effort.

Session 7: Building Behavior & Trust
Demonstrate Management by Example for task accomplishment.
Emphasize trust as the bonding agent for group cohesiveness.

Session 8: Leadership
Enable participants to personally exemplify leadership traits.
Provide support in making authoritative presentations to groups of people.


Video DVD Set
9 Sessions