Session 1: Goal / Time / Stress Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of managing Goals, Time and Stress.

Session 1a: Goal Achievement
Identify known characteristics of successful people.

Session 2: Risk Taking
Define and encourage individual decisiveness.

Session 3: Time Management
Generate methods of task productivity, effectiveness and completion.
Explore methods for changing perceptions of problems.

Session 4: Eliminate Procrastination
Identify and eliminate procrastination.

Session 5: Finding Inner Strength
Develop and awareness of personal and group values.
Recognize the importance of personal and group values.

Session 6: Stress Management
Enable participants to properly perceive and manage stress.

Session 7: Personal Goal Application
Identify and evaluate goals with a plan for accomplishment.
Recognize the importance of words on behavior.

Session 8: A Goal / Time System
Develop action steps toward goal achievement.
A goal-effective, time-efficient system

Video DVD Set
9 Sessions