Session 1: Sales Dynamics Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of Sales Dynamics.

Session 1a: Word Magic
Develop techniques for turning negative situations around.
Demonstrate a compatible climate to interact with others.

Session 2: Building Confidence
Experience the seven bases of power.

Session 3: Skillful Questioning
Provide tips for effective giving and receiving feedback.
Differentiate nonverbal components of assertive, aggressive and submissive behavior.

Session 4: The Emotional Purchase
Increase awareness of participants’ own assertive behavior.

Session 5: Personal Sales Considerations
Learn to resolve a prospect’s objections and concerns.

Session 6: Negotiating Techniques
Sharpen negotiating skills and create win-win results.

Session 7: Closing The Sale
Build the close into the presentation.
Develop personal skill in proven effective closing techniques.

Session 8: Closing Techniques
Adapt and generate closing techniques tailored to a specific industry.

Video DVD Set
9 Sessions