5 Disk DVD Video Series
by Dr. James Milton

People Skills - Module 1001
First Class Service - Module 2002
Sales Dynamics - Module 3003
Goal / Time / Stress Management - Module 4004
Command Leadership - Module 5005


Session 1: People Skills Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of People Skills.

Session 1a: Relationships
Increase understanding of effective two-way communication.
Idea reinforcement of friends and co-workers.

Session 2: Compassion & Listening
Develop objective listening skills and identify barriers to effective listening.

Session 3: Ethics
Create and develop personal ethical values for daily choices.

Session 4: Accountability
Identify the link between accountability and self-concept, and their rewards.

Session 5: Trust
Examine personal assumptions regarding others.
Evaluate trust levels in business and personal relationships.

Session 6: Job Burnout
Identify methods for adapting to present-day job stress.
Develop new perspectives for achievement and job satisfaction.

Session 7: Efficiency
Replace negative ideas with constructive action.
Minimize limitations and encourage productivity.

Session 8: Attitude
Show the correlation between the thought process and results.
Identify and correct ineffective attitudes and behaviors.

Video DVD Set
9 Sessions


Session 1: First Class Service Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of First Class Service.

Session 1a: Customer’s Bill of Rights
Encourage interaction between newly acquainted individuals.
Improve communication between co-workers.

Session 2: First Impressions
Analyze verbal and nonverbal interaction.
Learn to read yourself and others clearly.

Session 3: The Confidence Level
Develop an awareness of one’s own accomplishments.
Discover the Effect of recognition on self-concept, motivation and behavior.

Session 4: Who Are Your Customers?
Enhance one’s appreciation of themselves and others.
Interpret individual behavioral styles for customer satisfaction.

Session 5: Telephone Techniques
Enable participants to move beyond surface impressions of others.
Present techniques in speech adaptation to enhance communications.

Session 6: Games & Strategies
Encourage the use of speaking and listening styles for greatest mutual benefit.
Overcome natural tendencies to react defensively and lay blame.

Session 7: Handling Difficult People
Increase awareness that words have different meanings to different people.
Identify positive strategies for handling complaints.

Session 8: The Service Edge
Recognize the effects resulting from generalizing and stereotyping.
Sharpen participant’s perception of effective service standards.

Video DVD Set
9 Sessions


Session 1: Sales Dynamics Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of Sales Dynamics.

Session 1a: Word Magic
Develop techniques for turning negative situations around.
Demonstrate a compatible climate to interact with others.

Session 2: Building Confidence
Experience the seven bases of power.

Session 3: Skillful Questioning
Provide tips for effective giving and receiving feedback.
Differentiate nonverbal components of assertive, aggressive and submissive behavior.

Session 4: The Emotional Purchase
Increase awareness of participants’ own assertive behavior.

Session 5: Personal Sales Considerations
Learn to resolve a prospect’s objections and concerns.

Session 6: Negotiating Techniques
Sharpen negotiating skills and create win-win results.

Session 7: Closing The Sale
Build the close into the presentation.
Develop personal skill in proven effective closing techniques.

Session 8: Closing Techniques
Adapt and generate closing techniques tailored to a specific industry.

Video DVD Set
9 Sessions


Session 1: Goal / Time / Stress Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of managing Goals, Time and Stress.

Session 1a: Goal Achievement
Identify known characteristics of successful people.

Session 2: Risk Taking
Define and encourage individual decisiveness.

Session 3: Time Management
Generate methods of task productivity, effectiveness and completion.
Explore methods for changing perceptions of problems.

Session 4: Eliminate Procrastination
Identify and eliminate procrastination.

Session 5: Finding Inner Strength
Develop and awareness of personal and group values.
Recognize the importance of personal and group values.

Session 6: Stress Management
Enable participants to properly perceive and manage stress.

Session 7: Personal Goal Application
Identify and evaluate goals with a plan for accomplishment.
Recognize the importance of words on behavior.

Session 8: A Goal / Time System
Develop action steps toward goal achievement.
A goal-effective, time-efficient system

Video DVD Set
9 Sessions


Session 1: Command Leadership Introduction
James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce Leadership essentials.

Session 1a: The Art of Discernment
Identify the abilities and limitations of co-workers.
Identify traits of high-performance leaders.

Session 2: Training Effectiveness
Acquaint participants with a leader’s influence on follower behavior.
Identify the essentials of training.

Session 3: Attentive Listening
Equip participants with techniques to sharpen attentive listening skills.
Increase awareness of the dynamics involved in the planning tasks.

Session 4: Management Compassion
Present methods of balancing compassion with task accomplishment.
Explore fear of leadership and personal rejection.

Session 5: Management Ethics
Study the “follow the leader” role-modeling phenomenon.
Identify characteristics of ethical behavior.

Session 6: The Power of Decisiveness
Explore consensus decisions versus individual decisions.
Increase awareness of group synergy of team effort.

Session 7: Building Behavior & Trust
Demonstrate Management by Example for task accomplishment.
Emphasize trust as the bonding agent for group cohesiveness.

Session 8: Leadership
Enable participants to personally exemplify leadership traits.
Provide support in making authoritative presentations to groups of people.


Video DVD Set
9 Sessions