Red Planet Leadership Book - Dr. James Melton

An innovative and revealing look at leadership and how we can apply the human tools that will allow us to effectively build a company, or as far reaching as it may sound, to create a self-sustaining civilization on Mars. Many of the tools are virtually identical.

  • Vision-Centered Leadership
  • Harmony for Humanity
  • Creating a New Civilization
  • Social Architecture of Conscious Design
  • High-Impact Ideas to Shape Culture
  • Resilience and Recovery Strategies


This book includes personal interviews on leadership with:

  • Timothy Lyons, Ph.D, Professor, Biogeochemistry, US Riverside
  • Alan Bean, Astronaut, Fourth man on the moon, Apollo 12 Pilot
  • Geoff Bond, Author, Evolutionary Lifestyle Anthropologist
  • Howard Behar, President, Starbucks Coffee International, retired


Paperback – 168 pages
ISBN 978-0-9604752-3-0