• Read Planet Leadership
  • Leadership - Above & Beyond the Crowd
  • Vital Enthusiasm
  • Success Simplified
Red Planet Leadership Book - Dr. James Melton

An innovative and revealing look at leadership and how we can apply the human tools that will allow us to effectively build a company, or as far reaching as it may sound, to create a self-sustaining civilization on Mars. Many of the tools are virtually identical.

  • Vision-Centered Leadership
  • Harmony for Humanity
  • Creating a New Civilization
  • Social Architecture of Conscious Design
  • High-Impact Ideas to Shape Culture
  • Resilience and Recovery Strategies


This book includes personal interviews on leadership with:

  • Timothy Lyons, Ph.D, Professor, Biogeochemistry, US Riverside
  • Alan Bean, Astronaut, Fourth man on the moon, Apollo 12 Pilot
  • Geoff Bond, Author, Evolutionary Lifestyle Anthropologist
  • Howard Behar, President, Starbucks Coffee International, retired


Paperback – 168 pages
ISBN 978-0-9604752-3-0

Leadership Above Beyond Book Cover 300

A view of leadership that is hard-hitting, revealing, and applicable to every-day life. With an engaging, step-by-step format, James Melton calls to action the need for each of us to re-evaluate our habits, beliefs, and daily choices.

This book includes personal dialogue on leadership with:

  • Alan Bean, Astronaut, Fourth man on the moon, Apollo 12 Pilot
  • Howard Behar, President, Starbucks Coffee International, retired
  • Scott Kastner, JetBlue Airways, Senior Manager, IT Operations
  • Nancy Kirchen, Walt Disney Travel Company, Manager, Operations
  • Howard Putnam, Former Airline CEO, Southwest and Braniff Airlines


Paperback – 324 pages
ISBN 978-0-9604752-2-3

Vital Enthusiams James Milton Book Cover 300

Your personal success plan. This book goes beyond teaching by providing a measurable plan of action to enhance business, social and personal growth.
A guide to personal confidence and inspiring others to succeed.


Paperback – 231 pages
ISBN 0-9604752-1-4

Success Simplified James Milton Book Cover

Co-authored with Dr. Stephen Covey, bestselling author of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

Ever wonder why you feel like you’re on a treadmill, trying to go faster and juggling many different tasks while trying to please everyone? You’re not alone! These days it seems that everyone is trying to grab the gold ring but the carousel is going too fast and it’s too complicated to find competent strategies to reach out and actually grasp it.

Maybe it is a matter of redefining success. We each have the opportunity to choose what success is for us. What if you took command and chose your own meaning of success so that you could love the life you live?

The insights shared by the authors in this book have the capacity to not only inspire but transform your life. Take advantage of the valuable information they have provided.

You’ll be glad you did.


Paperback – 282 pages
ISBN 978-1-60013-690-0