Audio Disc 1

First Class Service • Customer’s Bill of Rights • First Impression • The Confidence Level • Who Are Your

James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of First Class Service.

  • Encourage interaction between newly acquainted individuals.
  • Improve communication between co-workers.
  • Analyze verbal and nonverbal interaction.
  • Learn to read yourself and others clearly.
  • Develop an awareness of one’s own accomplishments.
  • Discover the Effect of recognition on self-concept, motivation and behavior.
  • Enhance one’s appreciation of themselves and others.
  • Interpret individual behavioral styles for customer satisfaction.

Audio Disc 2

Games and Strategies • Telephone Techniques • Handling Difficult People • The Service Edge • How I Got Started

  • Encourage the use of speaking and listening styles for greatest mutual benefit.
  • Overcome natural tendencies to react defensively and lay blame.
  • Increase awareness that words have different meanings to different people.
  • Identify positive strategies for handling complaints.
  • Recognize the effects resulting from generalizing and stereotyping.
  • Sharpen participant’s perception of effective service standards.

Audio Disc 3

How To Read Poeple's Silent Signals

Three Audio CD Set