Audio Disc 1

People Skills • Relationships • Compassion and Listening • Ethics • Accountability

  • James Melton interacts with the audience to introduce the essentials of People Skills.
  • Increase understanding of effective two-way communication.
  • Idea reinforcement of friends and co-workers.
  • Develop objective listening skills and identify barriers to effective listening.
  • Create and develop personal ethical values for daily choices.
  • Identify the link between accountability and self-concept, and their rewards.

Audio Disc 2

Trust • Job Burnout • Efficiency • Attitude • Diseases of Attitude

  • Examine personal assumptions regarding others.
  • Evaluate trust levels in business and personal relationships.
  • Identify methods for adapting to present-day job stress.
  • Develop new perspectives for achievement and job satisfaction.
  • Replace negative ideas with constructive action.
  • Minimize limitations and encourage productivity.
  • Show the correlation between the thought process and results.
  • Identify and correct ineffective attitudes and behaviors.

Audio Disc 3

Personal Success Plan – Part 1
Personal Success Plan – Part 2

Three Audio CD Set