This program focuses on concepts in human behavior needed to create a cooperative, functioning and self-sustaining society on the Red Planet. These strategies equally apply to any business or personal interaction on our home planet Earth.

Approx. 30 to 60 minutes.


Awaken Mars - Dawn of the New World - James Melton

The Mars Matrix

Leadership Redefined For a New World Civilization

by James Melton, PhD

“The settlement of Mars is one of the greatest human endeavors possible in our time.”
–Dr. Robert Zubrin, Author, The Case For Mars

Why Mars? What in the “world” does Mars have to do with effective leadership here on Earth? How can we expect to function effectively on Mars, when we don’t have our house in order on Earth?

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but

those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
–Alvin Toffler, Author, Creating a New Civilization

marsBlackQuestions like these were asked about the research on quantum physics back in the early 1900’s: “We’re just burning tax money, who cares about the atom?” And yet it is quantum physics that holds the entire foundation of our technical revolution. Often people don’t connect the new frontier of scientific research with how that is going to transform our lives in the future. That lack of vision is so short sighted that it could be the demise of our very existence.

We’re talking about the unseen benefits like spin-off technology from medical to farming. These benefits will be visible in both our current and new society. The technology innovations will be obvious sooner rather than later.

This program focuses on the concepts of human behavior that are needed to create a cooperative, cohesive society, community or team with strategies applicable to any business or personal interaction. An innovative presentation outlining the keys to re-evaluate our professional and personal environments, including specific steps to reshape a culture with a future vision that can be applied immediately.

Techniques are offered to release a person’s highest qualities and create a cohesive team-player mentality resulting in effective people management and job efficiency. This thought-provoking session provides powerful instruction designed to enhance teamwork and open solid channels of communication


M – MATRIX - centered leadership to execute high-impact ideas to shape culture.

A – ACTIVATE the power of decision to gain trust and team confidence.

R – RESILIENCE enhancement to insure sound recovery from adversity.

S – SYNERGY - based strategies to gain agreement for harmonious collaboration.

X – EXPEDITE skilled-leadership direction with foresight to avoid oversight.


The Dawn of a New World

by James Melton, Ph.D

JImDWgalaAs a former journalist, college instructor and professional pilot, Jim addresses Fortune 500 companies and conferences with assignments in the United States, Europe, China, Mexico, Dubai, UAE, and Canada. Public Television produced an eight-part series on his work. He holds a PhD in management.

He served in the military and as a Captain USAF/Aux, Search and Rescue, Public Affairs and Aerospace Education Officer. His love for flying began at an early age when at 16 years, he acquired his student pilot’s license—moving on from there to flight instructor, helicopter and airline pilot.

His interest in science has been livelong and his focus in creating a spacefaring civilization is a natural extension of his continued research. “You can talk about astrophysics, astronomy and science without being a scientist. We should not confuse the knowledge of science with the passion for science. We can be passionate for science and not really know much about it. You can dream about what science can bring without being a professional scientist. At least Neil de Grasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and Cosmologist, believes that. But the fact remains, when we leave Earth to colonize other planets, we will be breaching frontiers of astrophysics, of geophysics, of biology, and the sustaining of human life. We will be looking for life out there. Those are goals. Those are forces that operate on the ambitions of people and nations.”



Recently our speaker was the high-flying author and speaker Jim Melton. Jim Melton is one of America’s outstanding trainers and management consultants with more than 25 years as a professional speaker. His sincere, unforgettable and unstoppable enthusiasm inspires people to move into action. He rose to prominence through his best-selling books and public television series and holds a Ph.D. in management.

Jim enlightened the group with the premise that the next step in space travel will be to enable the colonization of Mars. Jim summarized the underlying leadership steps to achieve any task of such significance. Melton pointed to JFK's 1961 address to Congress where he challenged the country with the goal of sending a man to the moon.

Because this challenge contained a clearly defined goal and a deadline, the mission to succeed continued for many years after Kennedy's death. Likewise, this same premise can be applied in business and in life to achieve big results. Additionally, Jim advised that it is the focus on solutions rather than obstacles and on what one wants rather than doesn't want that propels great advancement and goal achievement. In other words keep the positive result in your sights to accomplish your goals.

Another observation offered by Jim was that technology is racing forward and that now it is no longer a concern for technology to keep up with human needs, but instead the need for humans to keep up with the ever evolving technology. As technology advances it is important for ethics, laws and standards by which people live evolve with equal speed.

Lastly, Melton stated that the time of relying on the war machine to advance technology, as was often the case throughout history, has passed. It is now time for collaborative development around the globe. More can be accomplished on the human and the technological front through effective collaboration by diverse groups of people.

In his closing wish presented to the group, Jim urged us not to fall prey to negative attitudes and news, but to instead bring our focus back to create expansion and awareness. As an extra bonus, Jim provided free copies of his latest book to members attending this week's meeting. To learn more about Jim Melton and his programs you can visit his website at

“I have known James Melton for over 20 years. Jim is a person of the highest character and integrity. As a Captain in the United States Air Force auxiliary, his expertise in aerospace led him to be a presenter at the United States Air Force National Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. I recommend him without reservation.”
—Patricia Faunt, LtCol USAF/Aux, Ret.




The time has come for humanity to journey to Mars. We are ready. Though Mars is distant, we are far better prepared today to send humans to Mars than we were to travel to the Moon at the commencement of the space age. Given the will, we could have our first teams on Mars within a decade. The reasons for going to Mars are powerful.

We must go for the knowledge of Mars. Our robotic probes have revealed that Mars was once a warm and wet planet, suitable for hosting life's origin. But did it? A search for fossils on the Martian surface or microbes in groundwater below could provide the answer. If found, they would show that the origin of life is not unique to the Earth, and by implication, reveal a universe that is filled with life and probably intelligence as well. From the point of view learning our true place in the universe, this would be the most important scientific enlightenment since Copernicus.

We must go for the knowledge of Earth. As we begin the twenty-first century, we have evidence that we are changing the Earth’s atmosphere and environment in significant ways. It has become a critical matter for us to better understand all aspects of our environment. In this project, comparative planetology is a very powerful tool, a fact already shown by the role Venusian atmospheric studies played in our discovery of the potential threat of global warming by greenhouse gases. Mars, the planet most like Earth, will have even more to teach us about our home world. The knowledge we gain could be key to our survival.

We must go for the challenge. Civilizations, like people, thrive on challenge and decay without it. The time is past for human societies to use war as a driving stress for technological progress. As the world moves towards unity, we must join together, not in mutual passivity, but in common enterprise, facing outward to embrace a greater and nobler challenge than that which we previously posed to each other. Pioneering Mars will provide such a challenge. Furthermore, a cooperative international exploration of Mars would serve as an example of how the same joint action could work on Earth in other ventures.

We must go for the youth. The spirit of youth demands adventure. A humans-to-Mars program would challenge young people everywhere to develop their minds to participate in the pioneering of a new world. If a Mars program were to inspire just a single extra percent of today’s youth to scientific educations, the net result would be tens of millions more scientists, engineers, inventors, medical researchers, and doctors. These people will make innovations that create new industries, find new medical cures, increase income, and benefit the world in innumerable ways to provide a return that will utterly dwarf the expenditures of the Mars program.

We must go for the opportunity. The settling of the Martian New World is an opportunity for a noble experiment in which humanity has another chance to shed old baggage and begin the world anew; carrying forward as much of the best of our heritage as possible and leaving the worst behind. Such chances do not come often, and are not to be disdained lightly.

We must go for our humanity. Human beings are more than merely another kind of animal; we are life's messenger. Alone of the creatures of the Earth, we have the ability to continue the work of creation by bringing life to Mars, and Mars to life. In doing so, we shall make a profound statement as to the precious worth of the human race and every member of it.

We must go for the future. Mars is not just a scientific curiosity; it is a world with a surface area equal to all the continents of Earth combined, possessing all the elements that are needed to support not only life, but technological society. It is a New World, filled with history waiting to be made by a new and youthful branch of human civilization that is waiting to be born. We must go to Mars to make that potential a reality. We must go, not for us, but for a people who are yet to be. We must do it for the Martians.

Believing therefore that the exploration and settlement of Mars is one of the greatest human endeavors possible in our time, we have gathered to found this Mars Society, understanding that even the best ideas for human action are never inevitable, but must be planned, advocated, and achieved by hard work. We call upon all other individuals and organizations of like-minded people to join with us in furthering this great enterprise. No nobler cause has ever been. We shall not rest until it succeeds.

—Dr. Robert Zubrin, Founder, The Mars Society


MarsSocietyLogoThe above declaration was signed and ratified by the 700 attendees at the Founding Convention of the Mars Society, held August 13-16, 1998 at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado.
Mars Society, 1111 W. 8th Ave., unit A, Lakewood, CO 80215.