You say you can’t change because that’s just the way things are. One of the greatest laws of mind is that of belief. You are the sum total of the thoughts you choose to think, and the thoughts you choose to think form your beliefs. Now, did you get that? I didn’t say that you were your beliefs; that’s not true. It is true that we function in accordance with our beliefs. There is a difference.

We hear so many people say things like,

“I’m fat,” “I’m a lousy cook,” “I’m no good with mechanics.” The fact is that they believe that about themselves and therefore they experience that exact thing. Take, for instance, the person who believes he is no good with mechanics; auto mechanics to him is a complete mystery. If he sits down with an expert auto mechanic, someone who loves the field; if he reads some good books on the subject and goes to school to learn auto mechanics, lo and behold he’s developed himself into an auto mechanic. How? Through choice and training. He has changed his belief from “I’m no good with mechanics” to “I’m a good auto mechanic.”

You see, you are not your belief; rather, you are the person who experiences those beliefs. The answer in redirecting or completely changing a belief lies in these two things: choice and training. You must first desire to change. If you don’t really desire to change, why even bother? That makes sense, doesn’t it? So, if you desire to change a belief, the next step is to train yourself both mentally and physically in accordance with your new belief. “I’m broke,” you say, “and I believe I’m broke because I experience it!” You are not broke because you don’t have any money; you don’t have any money because you believe you are broke.

As my friend Joey O says, “The words you choose determine whether you win or loose, and the thoughts you think determine whether you swim or sink.”