Thinking back to the early days of life and learning work ethics and self-discipline, the motivation to do anything was largely due to some sort of incentive. Of course, this goes entirely against the whole concept of self-motivation.

The thought of “what’s in it for me” rings a bell; probably not the most productive thought. Consequently, there was a lot of work to be done to climb out of the hole being dug with this kind of attitude. One of the biggest assets for learning to have the drive or motivation for taking the initiative is that it transfers into society. This is where noticeable improvements can really become apparent.

Being willing to learn self-motivation skills can cause tremendous advantages in life as an adult. Obviously, this skill is taught, implying that it must be learned. Parents as adults in society, and those in leadership positions, all have an obligation for assisting in the development process. Parents have an obligation for helping their child understand the concept of accountability. Good consequences for choices made can have great outcomes. Furthermore, by having a drive or desire to succeed in life produces a class of those who will ultimately not require a dependent environment and have to rely upon others.

In today’s world, there are so many clear examples of the lack of self-motivation and how it has resulted in millions of people not having the fortitude to manage their lives so they are not dependent on others. Become self-reliant by taking the initiative to learn responsibility. Even as an adult this concept can be learned if the recipient is willing and has a receptive attitude. It is never too late for change!