There is a good chance that you will experience a time in your life when setting a goal seems important. Following through with a thought of what seems important is a common challenge. Approximately one-third of everyone takes the time to vocalize their dreams,

aspirations or goals. However, only a total of one percent of the population actually write down and pursue their goals.

What happened between the time that a goal seemed so important and when it eventually was dismissed or no longer worth pursuing? Any number of reasons come to mind, but a common challenge is approaching the process of moving towards reaching the goal. Many times once the decision is made to make a plan for seeing a dream turn into reality, the understanding of knowing what direction to take seems elusive. This can be overcome with a little coaching and support.

You may feel compelled to rush into achieving your dream, but doing so may derail the process and be very discouraging. Be specific first in deciding what you want your goal to be. Avoid being vague entirely so the direction will be clear. Consider how you plan on measuring your success along the way; i.e., charting steps on a calendar or in a journal. Ensure that the goal is attainable and realistic. Another thought is to set a date for completing your journey to successfully reaching your goal. Not having a timeline provides an avenue for no self-accountability. Additionally, visualize and imagine yourself at the moment when you have achieved your dream and your goal has become a reality.

Stay positive and drive forward with an unwavering intent and commitment. Use any support system you have at your disposal as a real driving force to help you remain on the path to success to achieving your dream.