There is a part of everyone that is so rarely explored or allowed to rear its beautiful head. It is called inspiration. Anyone would be hard pressed, and frankly incorrect, to say that they have never been inspired in their life. An inspirational thought can come from an external source or from within.

That is the jest of what so many people do not understand or try to pursue. Many go throughout life not knowing that inspiration is available at any time; the choice belongs solely to each individual.

If it seems too difficult to release the inner-self and allow inspiration to exude or flow through your mind, then allow others to provide the inspirational thought that can ignite the spark. For some it may not take much, but others may rely on this external source for a long period of time, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, if someone decides to use music, a friend, or some other entity as their guide through life to help motivate them, then so be it. What’s more, this individual may very well, in the process, provide motivation and become an inspiration to someone else.

Perhaps, most of those who inspire others have, at some point, relied upon others or non-related situations to motivate them initially. So, how can becoming a self-inspired person occur? On a very simple scale, one can reflect upon previous successes and build from that point. For example, the confidence a child gets when they learn to read for the first time inspires them to continue to read; ergo, they were inspired from within.

As adults, there is so much more gleaned from life’s experiences that can be of help. Think about high school or college graduation; learning how to drive and getting a driver’s license; or what about getting that first job. Don’t think too hard to find that little glimmer of an inspirational thought from within. Remember, before learning to walk, crawling was a popular choice. As was once said by Helen Keller, “On cannot consent to creep when one has an impulse to soar.”