“I told you that this is the way I wanted it done!” Does this sound familiar? Saying this will be one of the most effective ways to lose respect among those that are supervised. This does not address the input of the support staff and validating their ability to think

and provide valuable information. It is not a hard thing to understand; on the other hand, it can be impossible for the dictatorial leader to understand. By the way, dictators are eventually overthrown.

Effective leadership is a process that requires skill in communication as well as a healthy dose of humility. For the leader who truly does not care or is incompetent, two things are evident as a result of this mentality. One, there is a tremendous amount of turnover under their servitude, or two, the performance of the employees has flat-lined and the morale is horrible.

Effective leadership provides a wonderful opportunity for employee input, employees to experience leadership, and is indicative of being effective due to the performance of the support staff. When a leader listens carefully to what is being said, he or she is taking their role to a new level that will certainly earn the respect of the one speaking. It is not always possible to please everyone. A leader has a job to do. In doing their job, some employees may not be happy with the leadership or how the delegation is being handled. Consequently, the way in which they lead will determine level of morale of everyone.

Expectations should be realistic and manageable. It is well to remember the old statement, “You don’t always get what you expect, but you do get what you inspect.” Furthermore, practicality plays a huge roll as well. For effective leadership to exist, the leader in control must have a positive attitude. This can not only directly, and positively affect the attitude of the employees, but it will likely create a more productive team.