The following are a series of articles written by Dr. James Melton covering various topics.

There is a part of everyone that is so rarely explored or allowed to rear its beautiful head. It is called inspiration. Anyone would be hard pressed, and frankly incorrect, to say that they have never been inspired in their life. An inspirational thought can come from an external source or from within.

There is a good chance that you will experience a time in your life when setting a goal seems important. Following through with a thought of what seems important is a common challenge. Approximately one-third of everyone takes the time to vocalize their dreams,

Experiencing personal growth in life requires a desire to improve upon the various aspects of your life. This is not something that occurs in a short period of time. With experiences contributing to the database of life, anyone can take the opportunity

Thinking back to the early days of life and learning work ethics and self-discipline, the motivation to do anything was largely due to some sort of incentive. Of course, this goes entirely against the whole concept of self-motivation.

What drives an individual to taking the initiative for developing goals? Is there an inner motivation or some other external force that has contributed to the whole opportunity? There is a great deal to be said for setting goals. However, just because someone can write a goal, does not mean they can set appropriate goals.

As most have experienced at one point or another, floundering becomes more entrenched as the years pass by. Not knowing what needs to be done to improve life and its many facets can cause a tremendous amount of stress and uncertainty. No one is immune from experiencing various forms of direction dysfunction;

By definition, leadership is the action of leading a group or individual. Of course, leadership is much more than that. There are aspects of leadership that involve culture, being a follower, or even a process of evolving over time. It is not the act of telling people what to do. This style will leave a leader very lonely very quickly;