“Jim, we have known each other now for over 40 years...and the bond of our relationship continues. Being the seasoned speaker that you are, and having the track record and credentials to back them up, your words of wisdom continue to be of value to all who are privileged to experience the insights you present. Whether speaking on leadership or the future of our world, I am confident that your direction will continue to be highly regarded and well received. It’s people like you who make our world a better place to live.”

—B/General Steve Ritchie, USAF, Ret.
Air Force Pilot, America's Last ACE

“As you already know, your leadership presentation to our Global Mission Excellence team had a positive impact. The point you made were not only relevant, but delivered in a way that made them fun and memorable. Many of the attendees have personally shared their gratitude and continue to apply your useful tools and techniques. With that in mind, let’s talk about the possibility of a re-visit, maybe sometime later this year. As our team continues to build on leadership, maybe we can also explore the concept of a presentation that addresses our future in space!”

—Patrick Nutcher
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Program Quality Engineer
James Web Space Telescope

ASQ World Conference, Indianapolis, IN. Audience size: 2500 people

“I’m glad to hear that things are going well on your end and am not surprised that you are hearing from attendees with regard to your speech and book. It was absolutely fantastic having you as part of the program and the positive response has been great (but not at all surprising).”

“I couldn’t have been more pleased when I saw that long line of people waiting to meet you and have you sign their books. I had such confidence that would be the case, but even so, it’s still so gratifying to see all that planning lead to something that makes such an impression on the audience. It was, as it has been, an absolute joy to work with you leading up to the event.”

–Michael J. Dzick, CQIA, CMQ/OE, Conference Manager

 International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans conference, San Diego, CA. Audience size: 1500 people

“…we would like to thank you for venturing out into cyber space with us as we offered your session LIVE via our website… On behalf of the attendees, I commend you for your commitment to teaching and learning…”

-Mary Jo Bugeme, CEBS, Director, Educational Programs
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Rating Scale from 1 to 10, 10 being best, Dr. Melton’s overall rating was 9.2. The following are comments representative the nearly 1000 responses of the 1500 people in the audience:

“Bring him back.”
“Why can we not have more speakers like this?”
“Does not get much better than this. Awesome start. Thank you.”
“Powerful presentation.”
“Brilliant! You got it right.”
“Great eye opener.”
“Probably one of the best speakers, if not the best that I have listened to.”
“A superb speaker, very well spoken and very entertaining.”
“Very clear and to the point.”
“An excellent message I needed to hear.”
“One of the best keynotes I have ever experienced. Amazing! Engaging!”
“To be able to attend this session was truly a gift I will treasure.”
“Most enjoyable, enlightening session I have ever attended.”
“He missed his calling—should have his own show on television.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the wisdom.”

“Nothing but great compliments were received about your ‘Stress Without Distress’ seminars. Our Super 8 franchisee attendance at your two seminars revealed that “word of mouth” was definitely a key in playing a large audience the second day.”

-Barbara A. Michlitsch, Director of Guest Relations
Super 8 Motels, Inc.

 “The conference participants gave you a 4.74 rating on presentation style (on a scale of 5.0), and a 4.89 rating on content… by far, the highest ratings given any speaker at the conference!”

-Darrell Bahr, Vice President, Human Resource Development
Missouri Credit Union League

“People were very inspired by your presentation and delivery and our Conference evaluations rated your presentation ‘excellent.’ I think it was evident in your message that you had an appreciation for the work at hand and this added to your find reception.”

-Edward J. O’Connor, Vice President Human Resources
A. O. Smith Corporation

“Four years in a row… this ranks you among our top ten highly-rated speakers at the national conference.”

-A. Vaughn Limbrick, Educational Director
Society of Human Resource Management

“What a great speaker you are Jim! Student, guests and members of our staff paid you compliment after compliment. A statement was made regarding the seminars we attend and how much more enjoyable they would be with speakers of your caliber. I second that thought.”

-Carole Mathews, Director of Graduate Services
Institute of Business and Medical Technology

“In reviewing the written evaluations from the institute participants and in talking to quite a few of those same people, I have been overwhelmed by their response to your program.”

-Brent Mason, SCMAF
City of Poway

 “Your talks left me speechless…”

-Clayton J. Whitehead, Public Affairs Director
Sports Leisure Travel

“I always leave one of your presentations feeling significantly more positive about myself and my future!”

-Stephen B. Richer, CTP, President
Mississippi Golf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau